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What?!? You STILL haven't registered for the conference???

Posted over 1 year ago by Sarah Hewitt

A little birdie told me you are interested in attending the 2017 IAOHN Annual Fall Conference on Friday, September 29th but you have not yet registered.  Here are some awesome reasons why you should attend:

1.  Networking!  Bump elbows with peers in the world of Occ Health.

2.  IAOHN membership is NOT REQUIRED to attend.  Come check us out!

3.  You really, really, really want a chance to take home your very own potted mum for the fall season.

4.  Staying at a hotel where many famous people have slept is very cool.

5.  There is a session on yoga.  Namaste.

6.  Vendors will be there.  Trinkets for everyone!

7.  The hotel has a casino on-site and is giving away a $10 voucher for all overnight guests.  Cha-ching!

8.  Two major topics affecting the occ health nurse -- recordability and causation -- will be covered by fantastic experts!

9.  The conference is on a Friday . . . there's your excuse for an Indiana stay-cation in beautiful French Lick!

10.  You want to know how to become involved in a great organization, and IAHON President Sarah Morrison will tell you how to make that happen . . . but she really, really wants to do it in person at the conference!

Click here to learn more and to get registered!